We Sold Everything And Hit The Road, RV Life Starts Now

So the time has come to hit the road. We have spent the last 6 months living in our RV, not far from home and near all of our friends and family. Today we are actually hitting the road and living the Nomad Life for the next 2 years.

We are going to stop and see a few friends who live out of state over the next couple weeks, but then, where we are headed next is a mystery.

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Haven’t we been planning this adventure for the last decade? Shouldn’t we know where we are headed? Yes we definitely have been talking about doing this for a while. So long in fact that everyone kept saying we were all talk. Well guess what, we’re doin it.

And as far as having a plan on what we are doing and where we are going, nah.

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My entire stress filled life has been planned, and scheduled, and prepared for, and trained for. I’ve got the grey hair to prove it. So today we are leaving all of that behind. I’m hitching my pony to my wagon, tipping the brim of my hat down, then cracking the reigns and getting the hell outta dodge.

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We definitely have it much easier than the pioneers that headed off to the west without knowing what is out there. We’ve got our highways, and grocery stores, and bridges. We don’t even need to think about fjording the river, we can just drive over it.

The excitement tho… that electric feeling… We’re doin it.

For most people freedom is just an idea. A concept that we all tell ourselves we are enjoying to the fullest while we are chained to our bosses schedule to pay for a house that the bank actually owns for most of our lives.

Not us. Not anymore.

Where will we go?

I dunno, I’m gonna follow the setting sun until I can’t see it anymore. We’ll make camp for the night under the stars away from the big city. We can all stretch our legs for a bit, the horses can rest, and we can get some shut eye until we feel the warmth of the sun kiss our skin again in the morning.

And for the first time in a long time, there’s no hurry to saddle up today. No, Today we can take our time and sip our coffee while we watch the dog run through grass kicking up the morning dew as she plays in the open air. Even she can feel it. Even the dogs face has a smile that won’t go away.

Today we get to look to the horizon in every direction and decide which way we want to go. Do we head south towards Texas? I hear they are giving each family 4,000 acres to raise cattle.

Do we head north to the Dakotas? We can follow the bison through the Black Hills, and disappear into the bad lands like Jesse James.

Do we head west toward California? I heard people say there is so much gold all you have to do is stick your shovel in the ground and you can pick up a nugget the size of a potato.

Hell, I don’t care which way we go, as long as we don’t stay here watching our lives dwindle away like the fog of your breath in the wind on a cold January morning.

For me I don’t really care about the destination, I’m looking forward to the journey.

I’m looking forward to revisiting The Dakotas. I can’t wait to go back to the Bad Lands far away from anyone else. Maybe we will just head to Yellowstone and hopefully I won’t have to fight a bear this trip. Hell maybe we will go right past it and straight to the Giant Redwood Trees before exploring the California coast.

I’ve said for a long time I was born in the wrong century. Not having a plan for our destinations is as close as I can ever come to that Lewis and Clark expedition into the unknown lands past where the map ends. Every day is going to feel like the day my wife said get in the car lets go for a drive, and we ended up at Niagara Falls.

We can take this trip as seriously as we want or not seriously at all. More than likely it will be a mixture of both. I can see us doing your normal travel blog stuff like hiking in the Grand Tetons, and the following day heading up to Washington for the Sasquatch convention.

Maybe we’ll head off into the desert and camp in the back country where no one else has been for a century, or maybe we will spend a week at an RV resort hanging out with other nomads in the hot tub trading stories of our adventures.

We spent the last decade taking small trips across the country to visit all of the lower 48 states at least once, and now we get to go back and visit them again and spend a lot more time in all of them. We have met some amazing people along the way and are really looking forward to making new friends on this next version of our adventures.

Small town America here we come.

If you have any, and I mean ANY suggestions, no matter how weird, on places we should go, or things we should do, please let us know. We have stopped everywhere from the Giant Ball Of Twine, to Captain Kirks Future Birth Place, to The Museum Of Natural History and Yellowstone. Help us make this next 2 years as interesting and as quirky as possible, and if ya see us on the road, Come Say Hi!

Well, I guess the only thing left to do now is whistle for the dog, crack the reigns and holler Yippee Ki Yay.

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