We are adventurers at heart who were stuck in the rat race of the north east. In 2014 we decided to jump off the hamster wheel and hit the open road. Follow along with us as we road trip America and share our stories, tips, and articles that come out of our adventures.

It all started out of a conversation about American history with our son. He was saying how much he wanted to see the four corners and lay down on it so he could be in 4 states at once. Like all of us parents do, we told him “One day we’ll go there”.

And just like all of us parents do, the following day we jumped back in to the rat race and hurried about our day. We had always talked about some day getting him to see all 50 states, but life happens, excuses for not taking the trip get made, then its time for football practice, and so the daily routine goes…

The holiday season was coming upon us again, and the stress of how we make it to everywhere we need to be, to see everyone we need to see, and the lights, and the decorating, and the office parties, and, well you get the idea.

To say we were burned out in 2014 is an understatement. We had lost everything in Hurricane Sandy at the end of 2012, spent the following year rebuilding our home based business, moved in to a new home, tried to keep life as “normal” as possible for our son through the whole process, all the while still coaching and being team mom. We were fried.

Loretta said, “Ya know, if we aren’t home, we don’t have to do any of it. We can just disappear for 2 weeks. You’re always slow at work after Christmas, I’m slow at work. Lets just take a road trip and start knocking states off the list.”

I’m not sure why my inner workaholic didn’t shoot down the idea, but i’m glad we went. It dropped our stress levels to a point we hadn’t seen in years, and helped me remember that if you aren’t living life, you’re not really alive.

Since that first day we hit the road in December of 2014, we have taken several cross country road trips, hiked just about every park in a days drive, and taken silly day trips like going to New York to get pizza for lunch or Philly to get cheese steaks for dinner. So far I’ve managed to stave off going to Boston for clam chowder, but since she let me go to Texas for a steak, I know that trip is coming soon…

We’ve told friends and family of our adventures, and even inspired some of them to hit the road on their own adventures. A few weeks ago we got to thinking (over a few beers) that we should just buy an RV, hit the road and blog about our adventures so that all of you could read along and maybe inspire more people to break the cycle and get out on the open road and enjoy all the beauty this country has to offer!

So follow along on our interstate adventures, share your stories with us, and if you find one of our articles interesting or inspiring, share it with your friends and family!

See you on the road! -Doug & Loretta

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