Brinkley RV Has A Brand New Business Model, Build It Right

Brinkley RV is changing the game, and the quality of the New RV Market. If we’re right, the RV Industry is about to have a major upset.

How many times have you been camping in your RV and said to yourself “who ever designed this has clearly never gone camping before“? I know we have said it more times than we can remember.

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Brinkley RV is a brand new RV Manufacturer on the block, who has heard everything we have all been saying and is doing something about it. The best part is, once they had a prototype model ready, they took it on a road trip to see if it really works.

Who Is Brinkley RV

Brinkley RV is a brand new company whose 5 equal part owners have been in the RV Industry for the last 20 years. They all have backgrounds coming from some of the biggest names in the industry, and have partnered to change the way things are done.

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One major difference from some of the other manufacturers is that they listen to the feedback they get from all of us, and use it to incorporate new design features and revisions. A second major difference is that they actually go RV’ing.

This company isn’t run by a corporate CEO sitting on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere, it’s run by 5 people who actually take their RV camping. They are living the RV Lifestyle in the campsite next door, and having real interactions with the rest of us, so they can bring the best ideas back to the design team.

Brinkley RV Model Z

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If you take a virtual tour of the Brinkley Model Z you are going to notice some awesome stuff right off the bat. The first thing my wife noticed was there aren’t any heater vents in the floor. All of the ductwork is vented out of a wall or under a cabinet so you’re not constantly stepping through your heater vents.

Another huge feature for those of us that put some serious mileage on our rigs, the layout itself. You can open the fridge, go to the bathroom, and climb in bed all without opening a single slide. If you’ve ever just needed to take an hour long power nap at a rest stop you know how huge that is.

If you are planning to live in your RV full time, you are going to love what they’re done with the insulation. The Model Z is R40 in the floor and ceiling and R11 in the walls. Can you imagine? Being as comfortable in an RV as you are in a house?

These are just a few of the things Brinkley RV is leading off with in their very first production model. If this is how they are starting out just imagine what they still have up their sleeve. Definitely check out their video page and see what they are about.

What Makes Them Different

For starters they are a privately held company. That means there are no share holders griping about profit margins that they need to keep happy. The only people they care about keeping happy are their clients.

Quality is their main concern. Before each unit leaves the factory floor it goes through an extensive Pre Delivery Inspection, rather than being shipped to a dealer who then has to fix any imperfections. If something isn’t quite perfect, it stays there until it is.

Building them the right way is a main focus. Like I said earlier Micah Staley, one of the co-owners, took one of their prototype Model Z Fifth Wheels for a 30 day 6,000 mile road trip. While on that trip he thoroughly tested their design as well as took feedback from other RVers on the things they had to say about their own rigs.

When he got back from that trip he had over 250 refinements that went into the next prototype as well as over 100 exclusive design features he wanted to incorporate. All of that came from the feedback of Real People, not from a vote in a board room.

Where Can I See The Model Z

The Brinkley RV team is busy getting the word out about the Model Z and is hitting all the the major RV Shows around the country. For a complete list of shows where the Model Z is going to be, check their list of shows on their website.

Construction on their new manufacturing facility is due to be completed in early March of 2023. We will be out to take a tour of the new facility upon its completion and are really looking forward to taking the trip.

Brinkley Model G

Stay tuned to hear about their innovative manufacturing process and about their upcoming Model G Toy Hauler. We got a preview of it, and both of us are ready to trade in our Montana and come home with G.

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