RV Gift Ideas For The Happy Camper That Has Everything

This time of year gets everyone in a panic over finding just the right thing for that special someone. What do you do when that special someone lives in their RV? Coming up with RV Gift Ideas can be even more stressful. So what do you get that Happy Camper in your life that they will truly appreciate, and won’t take up too much space?

How Did These RV Gift Ideas Make The Cut?

RV Living is all about a simpler way of life, a more relaxed way of life. One where you take in the beauty of the area you are in, and just enjoy being one of the fortunate ones who gets to live like this every day. With that in mind Loretta and I sat down and talked about RV Gift Ideas over the last few days, and whittled our wish lists down as best we could.

rv hangers

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RV Gift Ideas For Inside

Now I know a collapsible garbage can may not seem like a gift idea, or that it should even be on our list of gifts for Inside, but hear me out. This thing is the best laundry hamper my Wife and I have come up with yet. We keep it in the shower, unless we are using it of course. Just toss your clothes in, zip it up and no Laundry Stank before your next trip to the laundromat. We’ve also got a second one for outside.

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RV Gift Ideas

If you talk to any RV owner they will tell you air flow in them isn’t the greatest. In our bedroom we use a 10 Inch Fan to keep the air circulating and comfortable. The best part about this one is that it operates on a regular household plug or 6 D batteries. Battery operation mode comes in super handy for boondocking and it lasts for days on battery power. Come to think of it, I can’t remember ever changing the batteries in ours yet.

RV Gift Ideas For Outside

Bungee Cords Like this set pictured here are probably one of the most useful things to have in an RV. With all the different lengths, and styles, getting the camp site set up just the way you want it will be a breeze! The best part is they can pull double duty and help hold things in place while you’re travelling!

RV Gift Ideas

A good set of binoculars can come in handy for the avid bird watcher, or to help settle the argument over if that’s a Bison or a Bear in the distance.

RV Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t like to sit around the camp fire and make smores? Other than that one guy who is always getting chased by the smoke, I think it’s safe to say we all do right? The Solo Stove has created a ‘smokeless’ campfire! We have seen more and more of these in peoples rigs, but never any smoke coming from them!

RV Gift Ideas Solo Stove

RV Gift Ideas For Mom

This one is in the Mom section because Loretta is such an avid reader, but it really does get used by everyone. Loretta had SO many books before we started RV Life that there was just no way to bring them all. Now she has her entire collection at the touch of her fingers with her Amazon Kindle.

RV Gift Ideas Kindle

Sometimes Mom just wants that nice long shower, so she is going to head to the campground shower. Make it even more enjoyable for her by making sure she has everything she needs for that spa like feel with a shower caddy!

RV Gift Ideas For Dad

RV’s are going to have stuff that breaks, and regular maintenance. A lot of it. Get Dad a tool kit that has everything he needs for those day to day repairs.

RV Gifts tools

We all know who’s job it is to walk the garbage down to the dumpster, or go to the camp store to pick up fire wood. Make dads job easier with a collapsible wagon! The number of things you will use this for in RV Life is insane. It is by far our most used We didn’t know we need this item!

RV Gifts Wagon

RV Gift Ideas For Kids

Making smores is part of camping. When you have to use a stick things can get a little messy. These extendable and easy to clean marshmallow roasters are a Must Have for every RV.

rv gift ideas

When everyone is stuck inside because of a rainy day, you don’t want everyone sitting on their phones all day. Keep that family time fun with some board games to chase the blues away!

RV Gift Ideas For The Driver

Being the person responsible for the keys to the RV or Truck you tow it with can be stressful sometimes. I triple check the pocket we keep the keys in on our back pack every time we take something out of it. Do you know how nice it would be to not even have to worry about losing them when you are in the middle of a 12 mile hike to a Glacier? Now you can lock the keys in a Hitch Safe and never lose them! (Hint Hint Loretta)

RV Gift Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell your GPS how big and heavy your vehicle is so it only sends you down roads you will fit on? Now you can with an Garmin RV GPS! There’s no more guessing if the turn will be too tight, or worrying about there being a low bridge. Tell it the type of RV you have once and be on your way. It even has a built in Dash Cam and is Voice Activated for hands free use!

RV Gifts GPS

One of my favorite things to have in the door pocket of my truck is a good old fashion map. The Rand McNally Road Atlas comes in super handy when you are sitting still in traffic for finding an alternate route. I love the way I can see the entire state on the map instead of just the small screen on the dash.

A National Park Pass is an absolute must have in your Center Console if you have an RV. We affectionately call it our ‘Merica Membership Card in our YouTube Videos, because it gets us in to Every Single National Park For Free. That saves us around $30 every single time, and this “YouTube Season” alone we went to 6 of them without laying out any extra cash. Get One Here

RV Park Pass

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