RV Camping 5 Most Important Essentials To Pack

RV Camping has grown in popularity be leaps and bounds the last 2 years. Getting yourself geared up for a new hobby can be overwhelming at first.

After Full Time RV Living for 2 years on the road, we have a short list of overlooked and undervalued items that every RV Camper needs. In our opinion it is better to buy a quality piece once, than a cheap one several times.

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After 2 full years on the road, this is the list I wish we had on day one before pulling out of the driveway for the last time.

RV Camping – The Utilities List

The first thing I would invest in as a new RV Camper is a quality garden hose. Like us, you may have been given a mini shopping spree at the RV Dealership when you bought your RV, and picked up one of those white garden hoses they all have in their parts department.

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Throw it away. Or at the very minimum, make it your “trash hose” for flushing your black tank or some other non-essential activity.

rv camping garden hose

Those cheap hoses that they almost give away at the dealership ARE going to fail you one day. The hose itself is very thin walled, and the fittings are cheap to say the least. Investing in a quality hose once, will work out cheaper in the long run than buying those cheap ones several times over.

Our first cheap hose lasted us 3 days. That’s it.

We hooked it up, turned it on, and went about our weekend. Day 3 we came back to the campground, and our neighbor came over and said hey man, your hose burst and was spraying everywhere, so we shut it off for you.

We’ve had our commercial grade hose for 3 years now without a single issue.

Even More Important

If you think a broken garden hose is bad, you don’t even want to think about a broken sewer hose…

There really is a difference in the quality and durability on sewer hoses. Having witnessed someone finding out the hard way, and seeing what kind of day that brings, we decided to upgrade that hose immediately.

rv camping sewer hose

RV Camping Water Filtration

The difference in water quality around the country is astounding. We go in depth on that subject in another article, and weigh the various filter options you have here.

At the very minimum we recommend having a basic filter that screws on to your water supply hose.

rv camping water filter

The options vary greatly, and I definitely suggest reading This Article to find your best option.

RV Surge Protector

The final thing we suggest you have, just to get parked in your RV spot for the weekend, is a quality surge protector.

If you have seen our RV Renovation YouTube Series, you’ve seen just how poorly some of the factory installed wiring is done. It doesn’t take much of a blip in the power to spark off a nightmare scenario.

rv camping surge protector

Having a good surge protector with a circuit analyzer built in can avoid a catastrophic RV Fire.

Now that you have everything you need just to get parked for the weekend, what else are you going to need?

Space is limited in your RV, but making room for these next items will help keep your weekend getaway stress free, and reduce your stress level when there are unforeseen hiccups.

RV Camping Tools

Things are going to break. It’s just a fact of life in this game. When we typically go on a vacation, we don’t pack tools with us in our carry on bags.

Having a good tool kit stashed away in a cabinet is something you are absolutely going to want at some point in your RV Camping travels.

As you drive down the road in your Class A, Class C or Fifth Wheel RV, things are going to shake loose, pop off, and break for no reason.

Being able to adjust a cabinet lock, drawer slide and remove a cover is now part of your day to day life. You don’t want to find yourself in the perfect camping spot, and unable to flush the toilet because you don’t have a screw driver.

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