Renting an RV, The New Way To Vacay.

The last year has really thrown us all for a loop right? We are all going stir crazy sitting around the house with nowhere to go and nothing to do if we are in one of the perpetual lock down states. The nice weather is around the corner and places are starting to open up again, so of course we all want to get out of the house for a while!

But then do we really want to fly somewhere? Dealing with the TSA has never been fun. Now add in all the extra headache of the social distancing at the airport, and crowded planes, and gloves, and masks, and… you get the point…

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Now after you go through all of that, you get to stay in the hotel of your choice, in a room someone else just checked out of, and we all know hotel rooms are always perfect when we check into them right? Sure… It’s probably been sanitized from floor to ceiling…

Once your all settled in to the room, you can venture out as a family, to the dining area, with everyone else. There’s NEVER anyone with lousy hygiene and bad table manners in that area right? I mean.. It’ll probably be fine…

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Now don’t get me wrong, we vacation like this too. Hell, the last vacation like this we had a group of 15 friends and family in a resort down in Mexico for a week, what a blast that was. Are we planning another trip like that in the next couple weeks? Not a chance, too much of a headache.

So what are we going to do to escape the prison that is our house lately? Use the hell out of the RV we bought last year, and you can too!

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Let’s go over why this may be a better way for you to get away from it all this year.

Right off the bat, you don’t have to deal with the stupidity of the TSA at the airport, and wonder if your toothpaste tube is too big, or getting randomly pulled for the 4 hour long pat down.

You can pick that national park that you have always wanted to go see, set the GPS and hit the open road. You can even rent a private RV that someone isn’t using instead of from one of the commercial outfits which has some great benefits to it.

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Our son wanted to “touch the pacific ocean” so we took the ride from NJ last Christmas.

Sites like RVShare connect people like you, who need to rent an RV, with people like us, who have an RV that we aren’t using this week. It’s like AirBNB for RV’ing.

One of the benefits to going this route, is that the RV’s tend to be much nicer. Think about it, if you bought one, are you going to buy the stripped down one or the one that you want to spend your vacations in? Commercial outfits tend to have mass produced “bare necessity” types.

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Many times you can get a much nicer rig for the same price or even less. It’s like getting a free upgrade to the penthouse when you check in to your favorite hotel.

Another awesome thing with going the private rental route, is that you can get lucky and find an RV that offers unlimited mileage! If you have ever looked in to renting one in the past, you know those mileage charges can really rack up fast. If all you need to pay is the rental fee, and the gas money you were going to spend anyway, then think how much more “spendin money” you have for the fun stuff along the way.

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And one of the biggest reasons renting an RV may be the best way to travel this year, is you are still “isolated” while getting out of the house. There’s no one but you and your family in the RV, so no outside germs to worry about. You can load up the pantry with your own food, and cook it in your own kitchen, and not have to worry about being exposed to things at the airport, in a taxi, hotel room or at the dining area of the resort.

“Well how do I know your RV is clean?”

That’s a really good question, and here’s a really good answer.

When you, and everyone else, checks out of the hotel at 11am, the staff has to get 150 rooms “clean” and restocked by 2pm for the next round of guests. You think every room is cleaned the way it should be? Its cleaned enough for A family to check in to it. My RV is cleaned so that MY family can use it after you.

Aside from us cleaning the RV after each rental, you also have the ability to bring in the Lysol and rubbing alcohol and give it a good once over before taking off on your adventure. Unlike a hotel room, where that would just be more to pack into that overweight suitcase. Remember, this is now YOUR home for the week, two weeks, whatever.

If you haven’t looked in to renting an RV before, now is a perfect time to take a look. Click here to sign up for an RVShare account and do a quick search and you will see there are LOTS of styles and sizes of RV’s you can rent, and they are much nicer than the ones at commercial outfits.

After you get signed in to RVShare, don’t forget to LIKE our facebook page, and let us know where you are headed! And hey, who knows, maybe we will be headed to the same place and can share a beer across a camp fire.

From 6 feet away of course…

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Looking for a weekend trip that allows social distancing? Try renting an RV from RVshare. Prices start at $50

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