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Throughout the site you will see advertisements from our sponsors. Clicking through these ads to the products or services each sponsor offers helps us continue bring you more of the travel stories you love. It doesn’t cost our readers anything extra, it just helps us gas up the RV. And if you’ve ever gassed up a motor home, you know that every dollar helps.

So the way it works is this, When you click on a link from one of our advertisers it brings you to their website. It also lets their website know that our website sent you over to theirs. Kind of like when your neighbor refers you to his best friends restaurant and you get “Oh you’re Bills neighbor, he said you were going to be coming by, right this way your table is ready”

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Our sponsors don’t pay us a flat fee for their ads on our site, instead when one of our readers clicks to their website from ours and makes a purchase, they say “hey thanks for the referral” and throw a couple bucks in our gas tank for us.

The few dollars they put in our gas tank comes out of that companies normal advertising budget, and is NOT tacked on to your sale. We just wanted to let all of you know how the ads on our site worked and how we get paid so no one thought we were tacking on extra fees somehow.

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Sponsors.  A message about them and how we may get paid for our content

So if you see an ad or an article that compels you to use one of our advertisers services, please click on the links you see on our site and help us earn some gas money. (Full disclosure, we’ll probably spend a few bucks on a coffee while we are filling up)

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