Our First Ren Fest, What’s All The Hype About?

Going to a Ren Fest was never high on our priority list. It was never on our list of things to do at all really. I honestly don’t know why we decided to go to the Florida Ren Fest when we did, but that day changed our view on the whole event.

My cousins have been on me for years to go to one, but I always found a way to be busy that day. The whole idea just seemed like a bunch of adults playing dress up some time other than Halloween to me.

I will even admit that when we parked our truck, in our regular clothes, and saw everyone getting out of their cars in costumes it still did.

It was the last day before we embarked on a 2 year road trip around the country, doing bucket list things that we normally wouldn’t do. Putting our feelings to the side, we went in with an open mind and gave it an honest try. We purchased our tickets and approached the castle gate to wait for it to open.

At this point it started to feel like we were the odd balls in the group, as most people were wearing a theme appropriate costume for the day. The King appeared upon the parapet wall and regaled us with a story of what was in store for the days festivities.

Upon conclusion of his speech a thunderous boom was heard from the cannons and the clocks instantly rewound hundreds of years as we were transported back to medieval times.

Ren Fest Activities

We had no idea what to expect when we walked through the castle gates. When we entered the courtyard we were instantly on sensory overload. There was the craziest piano I have ever seen instantly bringing the mood to an excited level.

Street vendors were everywhere and you felt as though you were walking through a 12th century town. There were dragons and fairies and performers all lining the entry way along the path to where the King and Queen greeted you and welcomed you to their party.

As we toured the kingdom the sheer number of things to do was astounding. I would say there was more to do here at the Ren Fest than at any theme park I have ever been to. Rides and Games were geared towards igniting the imagination of the youngest of attendees as well as holding the interest of the older ones.

The vendors and shops all had brought their best wares for you to browse in between performances and parades. Friends are made instantly while walking through the streets and seeing a costume you just have to give more than an appreciative head nod for.

The Florida Ren Fest runs for 7 consecutive weekends, each with a different theme. Each with a different feel. You can easily go to all and have a different experience every time.

Our only regret is that we waited until the last weekend it was running to attend.

Given the opportunity again we would try and make it to all seven weekends. Before we left my wife HAD to start buying items like a new dress and dragon earrings to be more prepared for next time. RV Living is all about experiencing things you normally wouldn’t.

After having gone to on we can say that if you are ever in an area when there is a Ren Fest going on, you should go. Let go of your inhibitions and preconceptions of what the event is, and just enjoy the day.

Watch our RenFest video here!

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