Beat The Heat In An RV – 5 Easy Tips

We can help you beat the heat with these easy to do RV Camping tips. Weeks like this can be downright brutal when you’re boondocking, or even when you have full hook ups.

Simple things like where you park can have a HUGE impact on how comfortable your stay will be. Over the last 50,000 miles we have racked up a few ideas that we use, that we want to share with all of you!

Tip Number 1- Beat The Heat Naturally

DON’T Just park your RV when you get where you’re going. Especially in a boondocking area where there aren’t designated parking spaces for your RV.

Take a quick cruise through the area, or park your RV to the side for a moment and go stretch your legs through the area. Take into account the time of day right now and the position of the sun.

Next think about where the sun rises and where it will set based on where you are standing. I use an app to help me track the sun position in the sky throughout the day and it was the FIRST thing I did when we got somewhere new.

Look for an area that will have decent shade. If you can find a row of trees to shade the driver side of your RV, and use your awning to shade the passenger side, you can keep your RV Tens of degrees cooler throughout the day with zero generator usage.

Tip Number 2 – Reflectix

This is a product that you will find on literally every single RV Blog site. There’s good reason for it too.

Reflectix is excellent at blocking radiant heat. You know those silver sun shades people put in the windshield of their cars? Same thing, but in a roll that you can cut to size.

If you cut a piece to fit in each window frame you can block a significant amount of radiant heat from the sun coming into your RV.

Tip Number 3 – Air Movement

Our bodies are designed to cool themselves through evaporative cooling. No one likes to sit around sweating though right? The whole key to evaporative cooling without sweating is air movement.

You can get yourself a 12 Volt Fan to keep the air moving inside your RV and be a LOT more comfortable with the windows open, than if you just rely on mother nature to blow the breeze just right so it comes in the kitchen window.

If you are using your AC, adding the extra circulation with the 12 Volt Fan will help the air mix and cool faster and more efficiently. You may only need to run one AC unit instead of 2 in a larger rig.

Tip Number 4 – Use Your Emergency Windows

Did you know that you can use your emergency exit windows in your RV as regular windows? We didn’t.

Know when we found out? When it was close to 100 Degrees in the Sun in Montana last summer. I had completely given up. I was taking the emergency windows out to let more air flow through our RV then found this little trick.

You can prop your emergency windows open with the little red handle.

Get yourself something to prop it open even farther with, and get even more air flow!

Tip Number 5 – Upgrade Your RV Vent Fan

Our RV had two ceiling vent fans when we bought it. If you could even call them that.

They fit the 14 x 14 opening in the roof, but only had a small 3 inch fan in the corner. We replaced them with new fans that take up the entire opening, and to say that it made a difference is an understatement.

When we put them both on high, you can actually feel the air being pulled through the windows and up and out of the RV.

We even have a video on how to replace them here:

Do you have any tips you use? Jump over to our facebook page and let’s all share our best tips so we can all enjoy the great outdoors without hearing generators running everywhere!

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